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I'm a graduate in Cinema and I enjoy writing screenplays, editing and taking pictures of unique moments (look at me... talking like a professional photographer!).
DeviantArt Fight by TheDrifterWithin

I know that I'm boarding this theme about this new logo very late in the game, but I felt like I should wait the theme to cool down, since when the new logo was revealed, DA got on fire like... well... I was going to make a "Mississippi Burning" joke again, but I rather not. The point is: I waited until the moment I felt the theme would not be so controversial. Maybe it never was... maybe I was overreacting. But by seeing the reaction of some members, I felt two things. One: people care a lot for DA. Second: people indeed get too used to traditions, to the point that their judgement on new things, not all of them bad.

Such case is this new logo. Some people say it has failed on its proposal to be a logo, given that "it needs explanation" to work properly. I disagree. I disagree because to me, the new logo has a lot to do with DA. May it doesn't look very explicitly with a D and an A, but nevertheless, it has a modern elegance to it, and it looks - maybe not accidentally - like an unequally symbol. This to me goes very well with the tittle of DeviantArt: the symbols marries with "deviant", which would mean "breaking the conventions", "not following the patterns", "different from the others". Since day one, this site aimed at being a place for non-mainstream artists to display their art, an sort of "underground" place that would show the value of internet age artists. And I think this new logo does capture that: to me, it explains itself quite well.

The first time I saw this logo was kinda funny, because I saw it in my cellphone, so I thought it was just for DA mobile, and not for DA as a whole. It was only when I accessed it in my computer that I realized what all those "down the rabbit hole" news were talking about. At first, I felt bad for the old logo, which had a certain retro-elegance about it. But the new logo soon felt to my tastes: it was economic, direct, and modern. But a lot of people didn't felt that way: they think the logo was confusing and unnecessary. The only thing that I really felt to be unnecessary was the whole back-story behind the logo. DA felt like they should just create a logo, but to make a big fuzz out of it, with that whole, inglorious "orgy" story, that "bleed or breed" stuff. They didn't have to, and this only brought negative ideas about the logo.

Now, I perfectly respect people who didn't like it. I'm not here to shame them, like the ones who designed it, calling them "haters", in a clear demonstration of douchebaggery from its designers, who also declared the disapproving feedback to be "hilarious", almost like if they were insulting them back. It's perfectly comprehensible that the old logo felt in the tastes of the members, and most specially long timers. But like any company - even heavy hitters like Coca-Cola -, there needs to be a renovation, even as a way to make the brand relevant in new times. Such is the case of the new logo, as the old one indeed wasn't so modern-looking to this 2010's generation. Of course that DA denied this, declaring that they are not in the business of disputing with other companies, and that the new logo was merely... merely... something related to bleeding, breeding, and most obviously, orgies.

But this BS apart, the logo itself feels right, like a necessary renovation. Of course that I felt that this was something that should have been put to vote, and that members should have had their voices heard. But this shortcoming apart (after all, democracy should be one of the foundations of DeviantArt), I don't see a lot of problems with this new design. I feel that it will grow in the minds of members, and any disapproval should be kept in a civilized level, even for the sake of the reputation of DeviantArt's community.

We're not here to fight, but to argue. To agree or disagree with respect.

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AllentownDarkWater Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2014
There is a God in Heaven after all! Sorry, I wanted to leave a comment on your journal entry, but the comments were disabled. I HATE the Nostalgia Critic too. He's so annoying and more than half of what he bashes doesn't deserve it! And another thing I hate is when people who do like him read my posts about how I don't like him and attack me and say shit like I have no right to say negative things about him. I hate Spoony and Linkara too. You sir are okay in my book! :)
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WaltonZoO Featured By Owner Mar 30, 2014
Happy Birthday!!!Have your cake and eat it too Party 
TheDrifterWithin Featured By Owner Mar 30, 2014
Oh! Tanky you, my friend! Thank you so much!
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